How to become successful in any exam?

Last Updated Thursday, April 13, 2017Many of us wonder why is that only few become successful in any exam of their life and other stay spectacular, why is that? Have you ever wondered, WHY? thousands of years ago the greatest philosopher Aristotle told, everything you get in life is result of your habits, so either you become successful or become …

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Finland Will Become the First Country in the World to Get Rid of All School Subjects

Last Updated Thursday, April 13, 2017Finland’s education system is considered one of the best in the world. In international ratings, it’s always in the top ten. However, the authorities there aren’t ready to rest on their laurels, and they’ve decided to carry through a real revolution in their school system. Finnish officials want to remove school subjects from the curriculum. There will no longer be any classes in physics, math, literature, history, or geography. The …

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