How to Get Quick Free Youtube Views For Your Videos 2017 approx 20K

So you created your very first video about your website or product, you uploaded it to Youtube and every Video websites you can find. After a couple of weeks, you’re not getting any views. You may be wondering, how does the ‘big boys’ do it?

Well my friend, here’s a little secret! They use Free Youtube Views Services, these services serves as a stepping stone to their video to make it to the viral list.

We all know that views, comments and likes affects your ranking (Beside On page of course!) but how can you’re video survive the massive waves of videos being uploaded online? You use these kind of services online! That’s it!

Now, I will show you How to Get 20k Free Youtube Views For Your Videos, without spending a dime!

These are free youtube views, but you can buy the premium ones if you need a heavy boost for your videos. Make sure that you allow some time delay to emulate human interaction with your videos.

1. (500-1000+ views per day or 500+ likes)

This site is one of my favorite for Youtube video likes, but can also be used for social like exchange. The only downside is that you have to earn the points daily, or ask your friends to be a referral.

2. (1500-2500+ views per day)

They uses a very fast views, but little credit rewards. Another thing to note is that comments are slow, for 1k credits you can get a 5k views. Best thing, it uses a auto-earn software!

3. (2000-3000+ views per day)

This site has everything for you’re videos, likes, comments, views and subscribers! You can earn credit by using their add ons on Firefox.

4. (1000-1500+ views per day)

Another great site to earn credits! Credit earning system is fast, all you have to do is download their Firefox add on and viola!

5. (500-1000+ views per day)

Enhanceviews has everything, they also have options to where you want to spend your earnings, like custom comments, views, and subscribers!

6. Shareyoutubevideos (1500-2200+ views per day)

In this website, you have to download and install their software to earn credits, free users have a limited of 150 every 6 hours. For every 100 credits you’ll have 300+ worth of views.

7. (800-1200+ views per day)

This website only offer views, but it’s worth it since you can earn on auto surf mode. Download and install their software and earn credits!

8. (1500-2000+ views per day)

Same as above, offers only views (for videos). This is a web based auto surf, just leave the browser open and go on with what you’re doing.

9. (2500-5000+ views per day)

Views on this website are fast, same as linkcollider. Just leave the browser on auto surf and earn free credits.

10. (1500-2200+ views per day)

One of the most famous, before they shut down their membership. Too bad I didn’t have time to use their service 🙂

So there’s the list to boost you’re views! I suggest pick a couple of them and maintain the credits until to you need them. Another thing to note, make sure you videos are useful and friendly. No spam and un-entertaining, or you videos will be flagged by Youtube’ers.

If you know a site that do views, comments and likes. Just put the link in the comment section, and I will update the list!


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Here The Video You can watch and get More views On New YouTube Channel Easily


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