Ideological Basis of Pakistan 9th Class Pakistan Studies Notes

Meaning of Ideology

The word “Ideology is French in origin. It is made up of two components namely ‘idea’ and ‘logos’. Ida means concept and logo means studies.
Definition of of Ideology

A collection of beliefs, values, customs, aims, traditions, rituals which is common to all members of a society and its is expressed in the lives of all members of that society is called “Ideology”.
Explanation of Ideology

Ideology is generally used in wider perspective because human beings have unique way of thinking. It constitutes a system of human life whose integral parts are assertion, theories and objectives of human life. In a society the individuals have common beliefs, customs, traditions and rituals.

Importance of Ideology in Practical Life

There is a great importance of ideology in practical life. It gives common thinking and traditions to the people; hence unity is established among them. Thus a common culture is developed in the society due to this particular characteristics of that society are appeared which give it a separate identity in the world. The significance of ideology in practical life can be explained as follows:

* An ideology expresses the ideas and thoughts of all individuals in a society.

* It can unite the people on a platform on the basis of common ideas and traditions.

* It determines the clear principles about the ‘mode of life’, due to this an effective force is developed among people. So they participate in the practical struggle of life.

* It produces self consciousness and prudence among people due to this they become fully aware about basic objectives of a society.

* It helps in fixing the freedom, culture and traditions among the people of a society.

* It explains religious teachings and social values more clearly which help to understand the characteristics of that society.

* All individuals spend purposeful and civilized lives due to an ideology.

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