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Welcome to the collaboration center of Apni Study! We are excited to extend an invitation to educators, content creators, advertisers, and organizations to join hands with us in our mission to empower students across India. Here’s how you can collaborate with us:

1. Content Collaboration: Are you an educator, expert, or passionate individual with valuable insights to share? We’re always on the lookout for talented writers, educators, and content creators to contribute to Apni Study. Whether you specialize in a particular subject, have unique teaching methods to share, or want to provide valuable resources to our audience, we’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas for articles, tutorials, videos, or any other form of content you’d like to create.

2. Advertising Opportunities: Do you represent a brand, product, or service related to education or student life? We offer various advertising options to help you reach our engaged audience of learners and educators. From banner ads and sponsored content to strategic partnerships and product promotions, we can tailor a marketing solution to meet your specific objectives and budget.

3. Educational Partnerships: Are you part of an educational institution, non-profit organization, or government agency dedicated to improving education outcomes? Let’s collaborate on initiatives, projects, or events that align with our shared goals. Whether it’s co-hosting workshops, organizing educational campaigns, or launching scholarship programs, we’re open to exploring partnership opportunities that benefit students and promote academic excellence.

Get in Touch:

To discuss collaboration opportunities or pitch your ideas, please reach out to us at Feel free to provide details about your background, the nature of your collaboration proposal, and any specific requirements or expectations you have. We’re committed to fostering meaningful partnerships that create value for our audience and collaborators alike.

About Apni Study:

Apni Study is an education portal founded by Satyapal Kushwaha, a 20-year-old writer and educator from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. Passionate about helping students navigate their educational journey, Satyapal established Apni Study to provide the latest education and study news in Hindi, along with board exam results, information about government schemes (Yojana), and scholarship opportunities. Our website,, serves as a comprehensive resource hub for students seeking reliable information and support. Located in Madhya Pradesh, India, we’re dedicated to empowering learners and promoting academic excellence nationwide.

We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you and making a positive impact together!

Warm regards,

Satyapal Kushwaha
Author and Owner, Apni Study